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Gravel pack stays true to Minecraft's default texture set while providing a complete GUI overhaul, PvP enhancements and a few nice aesthetic tweaks. This pack started around MC v1.3 when the new gravel texture was introduced. I liked the old one better so, I kept it. I've been tweaking things here and there to my liking ever since. Hope you enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Gravel Pack! v1.7.9a

Imgur album
GUI overhaul:
  • All inventories, containers and books transparent with custom color fonts
  • Menus, icons and widgets completely re-styled
  • custom splashes, title screen and title logo
  • reduced "on-fire" animation
  • Vignette and underwater textures removed
  • Lots of animated blocks and items
  • Spiced up swords and axes
  • Smooth contrast bedrock with a little pepper
  • Bright health meter style block-breaking animation
  • Smooth ice, fluffier grass and old school gravel
  • natural color cactus and sugar cane
  • Much more aesthetically pleasing water color and animation
  • Smooth glass
  • color progression drawn bow animations
  • Skull shaped critical hit particles
  • +1 shaped enchant hit particles
  • Restyled semi-transparent potion particles
  • Brightly colored arrow feathers
  • Awesome explosion particles
  • Reduced rain and snow particles
  • Custom clouds
  • Slick custom font by Fiftyniner
Mod support:
  • Connected Textures (glass, bookshelves and sandstone)
  • Natural Textures

YES it's released! I love it

YES it's released! I love it
HattoWolf over 3 years ago
Aww thanks Hatto :)

I've been using the original Gravel Pack but this looks even better! 

What kind of "hidden images" are in the clouds?

My fav texturepack thanks three!

Oh man, this looks awesome! Only thing i dont like is the font, its hard on my eyes :/ 

Finally, a 16x16 PvP optimized texture pack! THANK THE LORD!

Although I like Default over anything, looks nice.

What kind of "hidden images" are in the clouds?
Itza over 3 years ago
Mostly penises. 


Oh man, this looks awesome! Only thing i dont like is the font, its hard on my eyes :/ 
magnussvoge over 3 years ago
Yeah, you get used to it. Or you can open up the pack and just throw the font out ;)

Ohhh snap! Glad its finally released here, I see you changed the particles of bow shots and crits. Nicely done three. Does it have custom sounds?