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three_two three_two Internet Famous Dux

Gravel pack stays true to Minecraft's default texture set while providing a complete GUI overhaul, PvP enhancements and a few nice aesthetic tweaks. This pack started around MC v1.3 when the new gravel texture was introduced. I liked the old one better so, I kept it. I've been tweaking things here and there to my liking ever since. Hope you enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Gravel Pack! v1.7.2c

Imgur album
GUI overhaul:
  • All inventories, containers and books transparent with custom color fonts
  • Menus, icons and widgets completely re-styled
  • custom splashes, title screen and title logo
  • semi-transparent "on-fire" animation (temporarily disabled for 1.7)
  • Vignette and underwater textures removed
  • Lots of animated blocks and items
  • Spiced up swords and axes
  • Smooth contrast bedrock with a little pepper
  • Bright health meter style block-breaking animation
  • Smooth ice, fluffier grass and old school gravel
  • natural color cactus and sugar cane
  • Much more aesthetically pleasing water color and animation
  • Smooth glass
  • color progression drawn bow animations
  • Skull shaped critical hit particles
  • +1 shaped enchant hit particles
  • Restyled semi-transparent potion particles
  • Brightly colored arrow feathers
  • Awesome explosion particles
  • Reduced rain and snow particles
  • Custom clouds
  • Slick custom font by Fiftyniner
Mod support:
  • Connected Textures (glass, bookshelves and sandstone)
  • Natural Textures

YES it's released! I love it

Imgur pack pls

three_two three_two Internet Famous Dux

Imgur pack pls
Preloom 8 months ago
Got it!

three_two three_two Internet Famous Dux

YES it's released! I love it
HattoWolf 8 months ago
Aww thanks Hatto :)

I've been using the original Gravel Pack but this looks even better! 

Nice job :)

What kind of "hidden images" are in the clouds?

My fav texturepack thanks three!

Oh man, this looks awesome! Only thing i dont like is the font, its hard on my eyes :/ 

Finally, a 16x16 PvP optimized texture pack! THANK THE LORD!

Although I like Default over anything, looks nice.

Might use soon :D

three_two three_two Internet Famous Dux

What kind of "hidden images" are in the clouds?
LuigiMaster49 8 months ago
Mostly penises. 


three_two three_two Internet Famous Dux

Oh man, this looks awesome! Only thing i dont like is the font, its hard on my eyes :/ 
magnussvoge 8 months ago
Yeah, you get used to it. Or you can open up the pack and just throw the font out ;)

yay for the update<3

Ohhh snap! Glad its finally released here, I see you changed the particles of bow shots and crits. Nicely done three. Does it have custom sounds?