Dear passionate community members,

It has been a wild few months. Despite best efforts, Lifeboat is unfortunately announcing closure of the PGM servers, currently accessible through, on January 31st, 2017. We've enjoyed getting to know the OCN staff and community and regret that things did not work out as we'd hoped. Lifeboat will continue to develop its own Hampton server software, accessible via, and intends to offer some of the most popular OCN game modes, such as CTW and DTC. We hope you'll join us during the building process and continue to offer your feedback and support in order to create a server that fits everyone's needs!

What will happen to PGM? Lifeboat does not intend to utilize PGM further, and is looking into the best methods for open sourcing the software. If you'd like to volunteer your time to the curation process, let us know!

What will happen to the forum and stats? Lifeboat will no longer be supporting these forums or the stats system as of January 31st, and as such, they will be closing down at that time. We'd love to keep the OCN stats available on Hampton, and will be doing our best to efficiently copy them over. If there are any developments on that front, we'll let you know.

What will happen to OCN ranks? Lifeboat intends to offer applications for exclusive (free) OCN ranks on Hampton during the first 3-4 months after the PGM shutdown. More details, including application process, will be posted closer to the shutdown date.

What will happen to the ex-OCN staff? We're happy to continue working with ex-OCN, current Lifeboat PC staff if they are interested, and will be opening a dialogue with them privately about continuing to work on Hampton.

What will happen to Lifeboat? Lifeboat will continue serving the community as the largest Minecraft multiplayer server in the universe. We have some truly exciting announcements for PE/Win10 coming later in 2017, and will continue to develop a lightweight Java server.

The passion displayed by this community has blown us away! We're hopeful that those same passionate players choose to work with us during the development of the Hampton Network. We're also excited to see what creatives are able to do with the open sourced PGM software, and hope that it is beneficial to the Java Minecraft community.

Thank you for your support and patience throughout the last half of 2016.

Best, Lifeboat Crew


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EDIT: 1st lol

Thanks for trying to save this server, giving it a few extra months.

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what about competitive?

Disappointments, through and through.

@ShinyDialga if pgm gets open sourced please do it. You know what I'm talking about.

The passion displayed by this community has blown us away!

Will you use some of the PGM maps for Hampton?

Damn. Really hope that someone does something good with the open sourced pgm, just for nostalgia sake. Hampton is just not the same. Thanks for at least keeping us up for a few more months than we originally thought we had.

On my birthday disappointed
Will there be an archive of the forums?