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# Revision Author Description When
1 7108c07 Cubist Fix 404 for some map mapges 2 days ago
2 e3dba7a Cubist Don't subscribe users to in-game reports 3 days ago
3 f6b76fd Cubist API tournament support 4 days ago
4 0115c7f Cubist Add Rogue Gamemodes image 5 days ago
5 7e5d610 Cubist Fix bye redirect 5 days ago
6 40a561e Cubist Add redirect for shutdown announcement 5 days ago
7 811bac5 Martin Update Discord sidebar link 11 days ago
8 580c3fa Cubist Server admin improvements 15 days ago
9 8ecb1f7 Martin Add a character limit for posts 17 days ago
10 72de07d Cubist Fix MM event filters 22 days ago
11 b60355d Cubist Don't blockquote PR descriptions 23 days ago
12 cbab1ef Cubist Fix multi-line blockquotes in MM alerts 23 days ago
13 d0a4f75 Cubist Fix missing branch name in create/delete alerts 23 days ago
14 1ff4d8c Cubist No Git alerts for branches other than master 25 days ago
15 0ca6aa2 ElectroidFilms Allow queue servers to be provisioned before a match starts 27 days ago
16 7057443 Cubist Some optimizations to the profile page 28 days ago
17 6cf720b Cubist Give kill raindrops at the API layer 28 days ago
18 f649578 ElectroidFilms Add Survival Games gamemode 29 days ago
19 bba270d Cubist Fix auto-deploy 1 month ago
20 a76a0f2 Cubist Fix git event types 1 month ago