Signups for Rogue Gamemodes: An Overcast Story close in 1 day

Date: Saturday, February 16th 6PM - 12AM GMT

Timezone equivalents: 10:00AM PST - 4:00PM PST 1:00PM EST - 7:00PM EST

The tournament will either be single elimination or double elimination depending on the number of teams that sign up. Maps will feature both destroy the core and destroy the monument game modes.

  1. All Project Ares rules found at apply for this tournament, with the exceptions of the following:
    • Team-griefing rules will not be enforced; it is up to teams to ensure that their members do not grief each other
    • Spawn killing will be defined as instigating attacks on an opposing teams spawn area in a way that prevents them from supplying themselves and moving into battle.
  2. Players are expected to be their best behaviour -- poor conduct can result in actions taken against the team.
  3. Teams are expected to hold the highest level of sportsmanship in the competition.
  1. Teams comprise of a minimum of 6, and a maximum of 12 members, inthe distribution of 8 "main roster" players and 4 "substitutes" declared at the beginning of the tournament.
    • At least six of the eight main roster players must participate in every match.
    • Players may be substituted between matches, but the above lause applies.
    • If teams cannot play six of their main roster players in any match, they may play substitutes to fill in the gaps but suffer a player handicap equal to the number of main roster players that are not on the team
      • Example: only 4 players of the main roster can play in the match due to unforeseen circumstances; The team may field a maximum of six players, 4 from the main roster and 2 from their substitutes, suffering a 2-player handicap equal to the number of main roster players that cannot play from six.
      • If a team cannot field at least 3 players from their main roster, they cannot field at least 6 players, so they forfeit the round.
  2. Players can only be confirmed to one team's roster.
  3. Once a player has confirmed to a team, they may not switch teams. (Being invited to a team is not considered confirming.) An exception to this rule will be made if a team is committed to a team that cannot compete due to lack of players (5 or less confirmed members).
  1. All referee decisions are final.
  2. There will be no spectators allowed--only participating players, referees and streamers are allowed to be on the tournament server.
  3. All players must be in Mumble before the tournament and all teams must use tournament Mumble for communication. No exceptions will be made for teams that experience technical difficulties. All teams must allow any number of referees to be in their chat room at any time. Referees will not disclose strategies nor speak in the channel under normal circumstances.
  4. Teams must have at least six players available before the start of the match to play. Teams may field anywhere from six to eight players per match.
    • If a team has less than six players available before the match, they will be disqualified.
  5. Teams may substitute players during matches, but they must announce that they are subbing.
  6. In the case that a match reaches the time-limit:
    1. Objectives will have three stages of completion: "Untouched," "touched," and "completed."
      • A core or monument is "untouched" if it has had no blocks broken off of it.
      • A core or monument is "touched" if it has had blocks broken off of it, but has not been recognized as completed by PGM
      • Any objective is "completed" if it has been recognized by PGM as completed.
    2. The team with more completed objectives will be granted victory.
    3. If teams have the same completed objectives, the team that has touched more objectives wins.
    4. If teams have the same number of touched objectives,
      • In the case where each team has one objective left , the team that has broken more blocks of the objective will win.
      • In the case where each team has more than one objective left, the percentages of blocks broken for each individual objective are added (touched core will always count for 50% in this case), and the team with the higher total percentage wins. (Example: on SSB, red team completes a core and a monument, and 75% of a second monument, blue team breaks two monuments and touches the core, red team wins)
    5. If all else fails, the match is a tie.
    6. If the scores are identical in a TDM match, the match will be declared a tie
  7. Teams will be allowed at least five minutes between matches, but not more than fifteen minutes unless extra time is granted by a head referee and agreed upon by both teams.
  8. Matches will not be paused under any circumstances.
  9. If technical difficulties arise, matches will be restarted from the very beginning.
  10. There will be no rematches.
  11. Disputes and concerns about hacking should be reported directly to the referees (using /report) instead of spoken about publicly.
  1. Teams may not "ghost," which is defined as using your death vantage point to gain tactical information for your team; players must respawn immediately.
  2. Players may not use any outside sources of information during the match, including livestreams.
    • Teams that break this rule may face tournament disqualification
    • will still show you as "in the chat room" if you pause the stream, so you mustclose the stream window entirely during your match.
  3. Team members may never enter chat rooms designated for other teams unless given explicit permission.
  1. If any player cheats by using client modifications to gain an advantage ("hacking"), their team will be disqualified from the Tournament, the hacking player will be banned from Project Ares public servers, and will be barred from competing in any Project Ares tournament, even if the ban on the public servers is lifted.
  2. If an individual breaks a rule, they will not be allowed to compete until the next round ends. The offending team will have to play with 1 less player, unless the opposing team requests otherwise. If the individual rule breaking may have decided the match, the match will be a win by default for the other team.
    • If the same individual breaks the rules more than once, they will be disqualified from the tournament, and may be barred from future Project Ares tournaments.
  3. If a team or part of a team collaborates in breaking a rule, the entire team will be disqualified, and may be barred from playing in future Project Ares tournaments.
  4. The tournament administration reserves the right to bar or disqualify you from the tournament at any time for any reason.
  1. Teams must rank the 12 available maps (§8) in order from most favored to least favored, and the team captain must submit the ratings at least 24 hours before the tournament begins.
  2. Once the deadline has passed, teams may not modify their ratings.
  3. Each choice carries a weight: +13 for 1st choice, +10 for 2nd, +8 for 3rd, +6 for 4th, +4 for 5th, +1 for 6th, -1 for 7th, -4 for 8th, -6 for 9th, -8 for 10th, -10 for 11th, and -13 for last.
  4. At the beginning of each round, the weightings for all the maps of both teams are tallied, and the map with the highest "score" is played.
    • In the case of a tie, a coin will be flipped, a die will be rolled, or a random number generator be used by a head referee to decide the map (whichever is more suiting).
  5. Any team that has not submitted their ratings after the deadline will play with unrated maps. (As in, their weighting for all the maps will be +0. Effectively, the other team chooses the map every time.)
  1. Each round will consist of 1 (One) match on a DTC or DTM map, that will be chosen according to §6 "Map Selection".
  2. Matches will last not more than 45 (Forty-Five) minutes, unless an extension is granted by a head referee and agreed upon by both participating teams. Matches may be extended by up to, but not exceeding, 16 (Sixteen) minutes, for a total match length of 61 (Sixty-One) Minutes. If it’s not the semi-finals, don’t expect an extension.
  3. In the case of a tie, the winner is decided by a game of The Complex played immediately after the match.
  4. All rules under §3 "Tournament Logistics" apply.
Note: Map pool is subject to change.
  • Airship Battle
  • Avalanche
  • Balloon Archipielago
  • Cake Wars
  • Fortress Battles
  • Full Salvo
  • Interitus
  • Medieval Warfare
  • Runes of Ruin
  • Shroom Trip
  • Spaceship Battles
  • Warlock

Registration closed February 14th, 2013 - 3:00 PM CST