Signups for Rogue Gamemodes: An Overcast Story close in 2 days

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Compete in DTC and DTM against the best Overcast has!
Registration Opens: January 30th, 2014 3:00PM EST
Registration Closes: Feburary 2nd, 2014 7:00PM EST
For Breaking Core
Last Updated, Feb 5th, 2014


  • Be a good sport.
    • Don’t harass, boast, goad, brag, mock, or otherwise try to upset the other team. We want a friendly environment here.
    • Make an honest effort to go for the objective. Forcing a stalemate or letting a loss is no fun for anyone.
  • Communicate with us
    • At least 1 person must be on the assigned Mumble channel at all times during scheduled matches. If you are not in your mumble channel, and are not in the “Help Desk” channel, we will assume you are not online.
    • Referees are permitted to enter your channels and listen in rooms at any time for any reason.
    • Report suspicious players using the /report command.
  • Don’t spy on other teams
    • You may never enter chat rooms designated for other teams.
    • You may not be in any live streams covering your match while you are playing or if you are in contact with your teammates.
  • Show up to matches
    • This should be self-explanatory.
    • If you cannot make the match, notify the referees at least 24hr ahead of time or as soon as you know.
  • Be prepared for your matches
    • Have enough players
    • Practice :)
    • Make sure team members are prepared before the match (computer setup, etc.)
  • Don’t fight with us
    • We’re all here to make the best experience we can. We are not out to get you.
    • If you ever need a rule clarified or something looked into, you have a reasonable guarantee for a Sr. Referee to investigate.
    • All decisions made by the Head Referee are final.
  • Except where explicitly stated otherwise, you must follow all the Overcast Network General Rules (
    • Team Griefing rules will not be enforced
    • Spawn killing rules will not be enforced.
    • Infractions will follow our own guidelines as stated.

Punishments for not following the rules:
Team Information:
  • Players must have at least 8 members online to compete. Teams may field 8-10 players.
    • We will not do fun matches on official servers.
  • A team must have 10 registered members to compete. If a team drops below 10 registered members, they will be dismissed.
  • If a registered players becomes ineligible to compete, they will be removed from the tournament. (If a player gets banned from OCN they become ineligible.)
  • Teams may not modify their registration after the registration period has closed.

Tournament General Format:
  • The tournament is set up as a Swiss Style tournament. Teams are split into groups according to how many points they have and are split into pairs from the top and bottom halves. In the case of an odd number of teams in a group, the lowest seeded team does not play a match. No teams will sit more than once.
  • There will be 5 rounds of swiss style gameplay, and the final round will be a 16 team elimination.
  • The maps are preassigned, and the times are predetermined. Matches should start no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled start. This means show up 10-15 minutes early so you can get set up.
  • Matches will not be paused.
  • Every tournament map will have a hard time limit of one hour. You will be able to see these time limits on your practice servers.
    • Boom will have a hard time limit of 10 minutes.
  • In the case that a match reaches the time limit, the team with the most progress towards their objectives will win. This is decided in the following order:
    • The team with the most completed objectives wins.
    • The team with the most partially completed objectives wins.
    • The team that has made the most progress on their partially completed objectives wins.
      • Cores are either “untouched” 0%, “touched” 50%, or complete.
      • Monuments are judged by their percent required destruction.
  • In the case the above doesn’t break a tie, a tie breaker will be played on the designated tie breaker map.
  • A match will be declared void if:
    • The tournament servers have technical difficulties
    • Unforeseen events cause severe impacts to the match
    • A team or player is disqualified
    • The match is ended early for any reason.
  • Any matches declared void will be either be replayed, if appropriate, or declared by default.


Head Referee: khazhyk
Sr. Referee: BrettOgden
Sr. Referee: Anxuiz
Sr. Referee: ElectroidFilms
Sr. Referee: TornAres
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Tournament Organizers:

Lead: khazhyk
Vice Lead / Refs: BrettOgden
Maps: ElectroidFilms
Development: iamramsey and ttaylorr
Systems: Anxuiz
Moral Support:
YukonAppleGeek and MonsieurApple

Important info regarding round 1!

Registration closed February 2nd, 2014 - 6:00 PM CST
# Team Name Leader Members Status Registered at
1 Team Fishy koipen 1 Accepted almost 3 years ago
2 Starfish MrM00se 2 Accepted almost 3 years ago
3 Impact pmheys 4 Accepted almost 3 years ago
4 Outliers Whoosh 7 Accepted almost 3 years ago
5 Pony Swag exterminator_2 6 Accepted almost 3 years ago