Signups for Rogue Gamemodes: An Overcast Story close in 2 days

Saturday August 17th, 2013
Timezone Equivalents
10:00AM PDT - 8:00PM PDT
1:00PM EDT - 11:00PM EDT

This tournament will be a best two of three tournament, including DTC, TDM, and CTW gamemodes. Team sizes will be 8 players, with 4 additional subs. We will accommodate maximum of 32 teams, so make sure your teams are organized and ready before sign ups open.

This tournament we wanted to take all your suggestions and experience from the previous tournaments, and create the best possible experience we could offer. We took most of the top maps you voted on and created a map pool. This tourney all maps will be randomly picked by the plugin based on the map pool below.

Team Deathmatch

  • Harb
  • Abandoned Zoo
  • Battle of Lydanisse
  • The Arena
  • Wildwood Crevice

Capture the wool
  • Race for Victory
  • Race for Victory 2
  • Fairy Tales 2: A Tale or Two
  • Golden Drought
  • Ring Race

Destroy the Core
  • Block DTC (Tournament Edition)
  • Runes of Ruin
  • Spaceship Battles
  • Airship Battles

  • The Complex
  • Blitzkrieg

Registration opens on Saturday, August 10th at Noon PDT.

Teams that get six confirmed members first or were a semifinalist in the previous tournament will be guaranteed a spot.

The selected teams will "turn green" on Sunday, August 11th.

Registration closed August 12th, 2013 - 2:00 PM CDT