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You can't ever win if you're always on the defensive. To win, you have to attack. He who strikes first always wins. Justice will, without fail, prevail. Risking your life and doing something that could easily rob you of your life are exact opposites. Some things are beautiful because they cannot be obtained. Death is simply another stage of our life. There are those who words alone will not reach. People cannot change the past. All we can do is to accept our own actions. If you still wish to be burdened by your sins, let it show in your future actions. It is your choice how to perceive something that has already happened No matter how bad things may seem, you should never give up. There will always be time to change things, until the very end. Start with the small things, and work you way up to the top. With enough support, courage, and dedication, you will make it. Nothing is impossible with your dreams, wishes, desires, and hopes, unless you make them to be so. - I am: - An Ex-Moderator - Happy to chat! - A fluent English speaker. I cannot speak any other languages fluently. - Kind of inactive. I float around occasionally and do things, but you won't see me online much anymore. I am not: - A moderator. I resigned on the 12th of January, 2017. - A map maker. - A tournament person. - Big on PvP. Almost anybody can beat me in a 1v1. I play to moderate and observe, that's about it. - I apologize for being away for so long. Sadly, I'll still be away for a while. - Was promoted to Jr Mod on December 13th, 2014 Was promoted to Moderator on January 16th, 2015 I play osu! a bit. My IGN is Based_Goddess_, feel free to add and message me sometime! - I accept all friend requests. My favourite anime is Owari no Seraph. I also love the Dragon Ball franchise, No Game No Life, Sword Art Online, Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, and many others. I recently finished Owari no Seraph. I'm currently watching several different anime such as Fairy Tail, Detective Conan, and Dragon Ball Super. I plan on watching all of these, as well as some random anime whenever I can. Flag Counter
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