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Last Updated - October 08, 2022

A. General Composure

  1. Be nice and respectful towards everyone. Excessive swearing, rudeness, and harassment is not tolerated.
  2. Do not spam or advertise.
  3. Observers should never give tactical information to players or intentionally disrupt game play.
  4. Follow any directions given by a Overcast Community staff member. If you believe a staff member has directed you wrongly, please email

B. General Gameplay

  1. Players may not abuse glitches, like placing blocks in areas restricted by the plugin to walk on, also known as "block glitching".
  2. Maps may have rules that apply only to that specific map. They can be read under /map.
  3. Players may only press one button, and have it register as one click. Any behaviour that results in double clicks is prohibited.
    1. Jitter clicking is explicitly permitted.
    2. Butterfly clicking is discouraged as it is more likely to produce double clicks. Do so at your own risk.
    3. Drag clicking is explicitly prohibited, as it is generating more than one click with a single movement.
    4. If your mouse's debounce timer is configurable, it must be set to a minimum of 10 ms.
  4. Users may not knowingly degrade network resources, which includes unreasonable redstone clocking and excessive TNT explosions, among others.
  5. Users may not collect in-game data through automated means such as bot accounts, unless expressly approved.

C. Client Mods

  1. Any client mods or external tools that give you an unfair advantage over vanilla Minecraft users are illegal while playing.
  2. The following mods are explicitly permitted:
    • Optifine
    • CaffeineMC
    • ArmorStatusHUD / StatusEffectHUD
    • LabyMod & 5zig
    • Toggle Sneak / Sprint
    • VoxelMap, or other Minimaps without radar and cave mapping
    • Lunar Client
    • Badlion Client
    • Cosmic Client
    • PvPLounge Client
  3. The following mods are explicitly prohibited:
    • Inventory Sorters
    • Mods that expose or enlarge the name-tags of players
    • Automatic tool selectors
    • Minimaps that show entity positions, or show caves/underground.
    • X-rays
    • Auto-hitters/Autoclickers
    • Aimbots
    • Fly mods
    • Damage/Health Indicator
    • SmartMoving
  4. For any other mods, email for confirmation before using it.

D. Team Griefing

  1. Team griefing is prohibited, and is defined as any action that directly harms your own team.
  2. Common indicators of team griefing:
    1. Placing and/or setting off TNT in your base (for non-defensive purposes).
    2. Destroying your own team's chests or workbenches.
    3. Teamkilling by spleefing or blowing them up with TNT.
    4. Aiding or working together with a member of the other team.

E. Punishments

  1. Players may be kicked for breaking the rules. If the rule violation is severe, you may be banned instead.
  2. Players may be muted for breaking chat rules. If you have been muted before, the mute length may be longer.
  3. Evading a punishment by connecting with another account is not allowed, and may result in all your accounts and IP address being banned.
  4. Bans may be appealed by visiting the appeal page.

F. Ranked & Events

Ranked and Events rules can be found on their respective Discord servers.