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Comprehensive Overcast Community server documentation

Play Ranked

Last Updated - Oct 02, 2023

Overcast Ranked (formerly known as BOLT) is an automated, free and effortless Ranked service that integrates with Discord and has stats tracking, ranks, leaderboards and many other features. It boasts gamemodes such as King of the Hill, King of the Flag and Capture the Flag, with a variety of maps designed for 5v5 and 3v3.

How can I play?


  1. Join our Minecraft server:
  2. Join the lobby. In case you do not know if you are there, run /hub.
  3. Type the command /register. You will receive a registration code.
  4. Join the Ranked Discord server:
  5. Copy the registration code and run the command /register <code> on Discord. The channel where you run the command does not matter.
  6. Enjoy! You should be registered.


  1. Join one of the many queue voice channels. Optionally, you can create a party with your friends by running /duo <member> on Discord.
  2. Once the queue is full, a match will be created, and you will be automatically moved to your assigned team voice channel. You do not have to worry about choosing any teams: the system has it covered for you.


  1. Join our Minecraft server: You will be presented with 5 map options. You can vote for your team to veto one of them. A map will be randomly picked from the remaining 3 maps that have not been vetoed.
  2. You will be either moved to the assigned server or presented with a chat message that you can click to join the match.
  3. You will have to wait for your teammates to join. Run /ready to mark your team as ready and decrease the match start countdown.
  4. Once the match starts, try your best and have fun!
  5. If you leave your match for more than 2 minutes, you will receive a -50 Spark Rating penalty. If someone leaves your match within the first minute, it will be automatically cancelled.
  6. If you played deafened on Discord, you will receive a -5 Spark Rating penalty.

How to play?

All maps fall within these 4 gamemodes. In case you do not know which gamemode you are playing, ask one of your teammates! They will be most surely be happy to help.

  1. KOTH - King of the Hill. Capture and control 3 hills distributed throughout the map. You capture the hills by standing within them until they fill with your team's color. Take your enemies' hills and protect your captured ones!

  2. KOTF - King of the Flag. Coordinate with your team to capture and secure the flag; once picked up protect the flag carrier to score points, evade the enemy team and win by reaching the max points!

  3. CTF - Capture the Flag. Steal the enemies' team flag and capture it on your side, all while protecting your own flag from the enemy!

  4. 5CP - 5 capture points. Fight over 5 points in a symmetrical map; Coordinate pushes on the enemy to take their points while keeping an eye out from the enemy flanking!

Ranking system

Spark Rating

Our exclusive ranking system, known as Spark Rating, plays a pivotal role in assessing your performance. This unique rating, with a range between 0 and 5000, remains hidden until you have participated in at least 30 matches. Ratings above 3000 will start decaying at a rate of -10 Spark Rating per day after not having played for 3 days.


You will start being Unranked. Once you play 15 matches, you will be awarded a provisional rank. Upon reaching 30 matches played, your rank will be tied to your Spark Rating.

There are 6 rank divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master, each one being divided into 5 subdivisions (e.g. Silver 2). On top of them there is Grandmaster, which is the highest rank one can achieve.

Any other questions?

Contact one of our Ranked Managers on the Ranked Discord server! They will be more than eager to help you find an answer to your questions.