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Important information for appealing punishments

Please take the following information into consideration before submitting an appeal.

What can be appealed?

Mistakes happen! If you feel your punishment should not have been issued, we encourage you to appeal.

Bans can be appealed and reduced, even if the ban was justified, but only unjustified mutes can be appealed.

If there was a mistake, or the ban was issued a long time ago, we may consider giving you a second chance.

What to expect?

Our senior moderator team reviews each submitted appeal on a case by case basis.

Be prepared to respond promptly to any questions we may have, remaining polite and courteous, as that may influence our final decision.

After reviewing all evidence and conferring internally, we'll make a decision on your appeal and inform you within a reasonable timeframe.

Privilege, not a right.

We want to keep Overcast Community a safe and fair environment for all players.

Please understand we will not hesitate to remove players who fail to follow our rules.

  • If you have been caught cheating, your appeal will be denied.
  • If you are rude or harass our staff, your appeal will be denied.
  • If you have abused exploits or shown promise to abuse, your appeal will be denied.


The appeal process is handled through through #appeal in our Discord server. Please create an account if you do not already have one.