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otherkris is our new Senior Moderator!

Welcome otherkris to our senior moderation team!

Cinco is our new Senior Moderator!

Announcing our latest senior moderator, CincoDeMayo!

Additional Leadership!

There's a new sheriff in town...

Bolt PUGs

Bolt PUGs (Pick Up Games) is our new web-based system that lets you host PGM matches.

Moderator Applications

Finally, a way for you to apply!

New Senior Moderators, and a goodbye

The Senior Moderators are getting reinforcements!

More admins!

We are expanding the admin team!

Battle Pass Season 1

Get ready for another month of fun!

Senior and Junior Moderators

We are introducing Senior & Junior Moderators!

CTW Map Making Contest

Learn about our 1st ever CTW Map Making competition.

Donation revamp

Learn about our 2021 donation rank revamp and Summer Sale!

Partnership with Lunar Client

Learn about our new partnership with Lunar Client.

Merch Shop (April Fools 2021)

Learn about our limited time merch!

Better System for Appeals

Learn about our new Discord based appeal and report process.

Map Submissions

Learn about the community map submission process.

Once Upon a Time in Overcast, Badlion Anticheat (BAC), private servers and more!

Learn about the first official Overcast Community tournament.

Community Spotlight: PGM Tracker

Learn about an awesome community project for tracking PGM servers.

New Administrators!

The administration got some reinforcements!

Hello, Overcast!

You might be wondering.. is Overcast Network back? Well, no, but almost!