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Hello, Overcast!

By Brottweiler - Feb 07, 2020

You might be wondering.. is Overcast Network back? Well, no, but almost!

This is Overcast Community, or OCC; a community run server running the same custom server plugin as Overcast Network, so you can play all the classic maps you missed, with tons of other players!

OCC is maintained by two administrators of the now closed Overcast Network; Brottweiler and PGMDev. OCC runs the PGM plugin, just like OCN, but for Minecraft version 1.8 and with many new features from community contributors.

This is the start of a blog with occasional updates about news or other things! You can also follow us on Twitter where we often share screenshots from awesome matches!

Notable features

The PGM plugin features some new changes from the old PGM that OCN used;

  • Minecraft version 1.8 support

  • Dynamic Rotations (implemented by BGMP)

    Depending on how many players are online, the server will switch to another map pool or rotation with maps that play well with that player count.

  • Map Voting (implemented by Pablete1234)

    At match end, a book will appear on your screen with a list of 5 maps. By clicking on the map, you vote for it. Vote for all your favourite maps to have a greater chance of having it played next match.

  • Map Tags (implemented by TheMolkaPL)

    Detects map features via the XML to determine what kind of map it is. You will notice tags like #wool or #core in /map or the Voting Book, so you easily can see what type of map it is!

  • Observer Tools (implemented by applenick)

    As an observer, you can select the diamond in your hotbar and have access to several different tools. Change your fly speed, enable night vision, hide other observers or switch to spectator mode with noclip!

There have been many more contributions from other people as well, mostly fixes and improvements!

How can I contribute?

If you know how to code, you might want to look into adding features or fixing bugs in the PGM plugin!

If you don't know how to code but want to contribute other ways, take a look at the issue tracker and see if you can help reproduce issues, find error codes or come up with suggestions.

Another way to contribute is simply donating to help keep the server up! Go to for more information.


Is this Overcast Network?

Overcast Network was ran by Apple and Anxuiz from 2012 to early 2017, when they had to close. In late 2019, two administrators of the former Overcast Network decided to host a server with the same custom plugin where you could play all the maps you missed from OCN.

What's different from OCN?

Overcast Network was a large scale network providing many types of games and servers for everyone who liked to PvP. The most attractive side of OCN was the unique maps and gameplay each match provided.

Overcast Community is a single Minecraft server with a large pool of the best OCN maps, as well as a bunch of hardly-before-seen maps that were only available on OCN for short periods, or not in rotation at all. OCC features dynamic rotations, which means depending on how many players are online, the size of maps will be suited for the player count. OCC focuses on providing a casual PvP experience for everyone.

Where did my rank go?

OCC is a completely fresh server from OCN. No stats, ranks, forum posts etc. transfer over. Your lifetime rank on OCN was a lifetime rank on OCN, and not OCC.

You are able to donate to OCC however and help out keeping it online. Just go to and donate, and you'll get some monthly perks as a thank you.

Where can I check my stats?

Stats have not yet been implemented in PGM, and we have not yet figured out if and how they would be implemented on OCC. Stay tuned, we'll make sure to let you know.

What about the competitive scene?

OCC is aiming for a casual experience. One server, running classic PvP maps 24/7 for everyone. If you were looking for a competitive scene like OCN Ranked, you might want to look elsewhere.

Are you going to host tournaments?

Tournaments take quite a bit of effort, and we only have one server, so there would be very unlikely of any tournaments. We would also be unable to provide a prizepool. Please remember, OCC is not OCN.

Can I build and submit maps I made?

The requirement for a map to be added OCC is that it was loaded in the map repository on OCN, or that it was made for the community before OCN was established.

We are not able to accept submissions for new maps, but if you notice a great map that is missing from the pool, let us know!

If you find any map errors, please make an issue at the issue tracker!

What PvP version does OCC use?

OCC uses Minecraft version 1.8.8, so if you want the smoothest experience one might want to use Minecraft 1.8.9, but we are accepting all the versions including the latest version which is 1.15.2 as of this post.