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New Administrators!

By Brottweiler - Mar 23, 2020

The administration got some reinforcements!

Two new staff members have been promoted to administrator. This is to lighten the workload of the current administration, and spread out the duties so no one is overloaded.


AppleNick was a long time player on Overcast Network and during the closure of OCN and release of the open source PGM, he started his own network called Thunderstorm PvP. After contributing a lot to PGM, not least regarding moderation tools, he was invited to be a moderator at Overcast Community.

The administration felt that AppleNick would be a very good help towards the development and maintenance side of OCC, in which he was invited to join the administrators.

AppleNick will be able to work more closely with PGM, since he is very familiar with PGM's codebase and be able to deploy new PGM features much faster on OCC. Other than that, he will help out with anything else regarding the server hardware and software, such as looking into any potential bugs and errors, update plugins and configurations.


Crazy has also been a long time player of OCN. He was a moderator of OCN, and learned the ins and outs of PGM's map making side after being a map developer on another PGM network.

After the closure of OCN, he and a few other community members started a project called ResourcePile, who's goal is to archive and keep a list of all maps that can be played using PGM. Check out the website, you can find all the Overcast Network maps that they got permission to host. You can download them and run them yourself! Or maybe you just want to explore them in single player...

Crazy will help out on OCC with any map related issues. This can be adding and removing maps from the map pools, or fixing any bugs with maps we run or tweak them if they need to be improved.

End Notes

The work AppleNick and Crazy will help out with is work that I previously did. I will now focus more on the moderation & support side of OCC, like handle staff and appeals. PGMDev still manages the development of PGM and OCC.