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Better System for Appeals

By Brottweiler - Mar 20, 2021

We have made the appeal process more convenient, and also improved how reports are handled on our Discord server!


Since Overcast Community launched, ban appeals were handled via email. If you were banned, you could email us and get it resolved. This worked fine for a while but naturally we got more and more appeals, and they could only be handled by one person. Emails can also be annoying and slow when you wait for an answer.

Starting today, ban appeals will be handled via our Discord server. We launched a new appeal page that explains this process and clarifies what can be appealed.

In short, banned players who wish to appeal will be asked to join our Discord server, create a new ticket in the #appeal channel, and explain their case. All admins will see these channels and the relevant staff member who issued the punishment may be added to the appeal channel. An ongoing discussion can then occur with all parties involved.

In the future, we might appoint a few "senior moderators" (or the like) who are moderators with the duty to resolve these appeals.


For a while we had a #reports channel with hidden message history. With the new ticket system, any player who wants to report rule-breakers can easily open a ticket, same way as with an appeal. All staff can view these reports and act on them accordingly.

For more info on what you need to include in a report, follow the instructions provided in the #report channel.