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Donation revamp

By applenick - Jul 01, 2021

We're launching a new donor rank!


After carefully planning and adding some cool new features to PGM, Sponsor is ready for all to enjoy. From the beginning, we wanted to ensure that this new rank revolved around a unique aspect of OCC.


Sponsor is a new premium rank which includes all your favorite perks from Donor plus some really exciting additions.

Since being introduced back in August 2020, /request has become a beloved command throughout the community. Today we're taking /request to the next level with an upgrade that is exclusive to the Sponsor rank. The ability to have your requested maps automatically added to the vote!

There's a few key components to understanding how sponsor requests work.


In order to keep usage of the command fair, a token system will be used to keep track of when and how often sponsor requests can be submitted.

After logging on for the first time after upgrading to Sponsor, you'll be allocated a daily amount of tokens.

You can use /tokens to view this balance at any time. Claiming your tokens only occurs at login, so make sure to join at least once every day!

1 token will be subtracted from your account after your requested map has been processed and added to the vote.


Mapvotes only occur at the end of each match, so there's a limited number of available map slots we can provide at once. We aim to process sponsor requests in a manner which is fair and timely. To accomplish this we're making use of a FIFO (first-in, first-out) queue system. As multiple sponsors submit requests, we'll process them one at a time per each mapvote. You can view your place in the queue by using /queue.

After a sponsor request is processed, there will be a 1 hour cooldown to ensure we can accommodate all requests.


Once added to the votebook, all users will be shown the sponsor's name when hovering over their map.

Example of votebook

If your map is selected, your name will also be displayed in the map welcome message for the entire duration of the match!

Example of map welcome

Additional perks

The new Sponsor rank also includes a new yellow + flair, 7 exclusive /fx, 3x vote multiplier, and will be among the first players to be given access to new features and experiences. We have some exciting news about the first exclusive opportunity within the next week. Stay tuned!


We've also added new auto-renewing subscriptions. Now during checkout you'll have the option to select 1 month or setup a monthly subscription. Now you'll never have to worry about your perks running out.

Summer Sale

From July 1st - 14th, we'll be running our first ever Summer Sale! Sponsor has an introductory price of $25 USD, and Donor will be available for $7 USD. This offer is for a limited time!

We're excited to celebrate the launch of this new rank and appreciate the generosity of the community.

Visit our donation page at to learn more