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CTW Map Making Contest

By Strangey - Jul 09, 2021

Hey everyone! Welcome to Overcast Community’s 1st ever Map Making Competition!


General Format

This event will revolve around a 3 week period where players will compete at making the best Mega/Giga-sized CTW map they can achieve. You can have a group of people help you or you can make it yourself, as long as it's completed and submitted within 3 weeks you are qualified for judging.

Once the maps are submitted they will all be playtested on our public servers and judges will rank each map to determine the winners.

Criteria & Submissions

Your map must be built to hold at least 64 (32v32) players and a maximum of 100 (50v50). We are NOT accepting map submissions that hold more than 4 teams, so please keep it to 2 or 4. Ideally, our judges are mostly looking for 50v50 maps to fill in the Giga pool as it is very low on high-quality CTW maps. Your map should be built with 1.7/1.8 users in mind.

Each map is limited to a maximum of 4 authors and you can create multiple maps. Your highest ranked map will be the only one that counts towards prizes.

There will be no registration for this competition, instead, in order to be part of this event you must submit a map before the time limit is up to our CommunityMaps GitHub page. Please include the ‘contest’ label on your submission on GitHub.

Your map must not have been previously built/submitted to any server before this contest announcement.

Official Dates

All official hours are in EST/New York (UTC -5).

  • Submissions close/building ends: July 30th @ 11:59pm EST
  • Map testing: July 31st - Aug 3rd
  • Results: Aug 4th


XML documents are to be included with the submission. XML must be at least protocol 1.4.0. Users are encouraged to learn and create their XML to the best of their abilities. Judges will be in charge of making sure that the XML is functional and we will edit them if there are any mistakes. If a notable mistake is found you will be contacted to see how you wanted it to play out.

For those new to XML, we highly suggest looking at other map’s XMLs and trying to copy as much from there as most things that change are coordinates.


While previous map making competitions on Overcast Network have included a scoring criteria, we want to try something else this time around which is ranking all of the maps. We don’t want to have people focus on things like innovation and aesthetics which can take away from the focus on creating good gameplay. The judge’s overall rankings will be public by the end of the contest.

Speaking of judges, who are they? Most judges will be our Map Developers but we may reach out to some other staff or map makers who don’t participate in this contest to judge. Strangey will be the Head Judge as he is the one organizing this event and you may refer to him for any questions you may have regarding the contest.

Confirmed Judges:

  • Strangey [Head Judge]
  • Crazy_
  • mame_BT


Each user who submits a map will receive 3 tokens to add a map of their choice to the voting selection on our servers. We also have special prizes for the top 3 submissions:

1st Place:

  • A Map Making Contest Winner rank that comes with a unique in-game flair and the same perks as Sponsor. This will last for 3 months
  • A Map Making Contest Winner Discord tag
  • The map will be guaranteed a place in the OCC pools
  • The map will be featured on the website’s front page carousel
  • The map will be featured on the Overcast Community Discord’s banner

2nd Place:

  • A Map Making Contest Runner-Up Discord tag
  • 3 months of Donor

3rd Place:

  • 3 months of Donor

If you already have a Donor rank, you can request for it to be given to somebody else. Participants may claim a maximum of 3 sponsor tokens, multiple submissions will not earn additional tokens.

Map Making Server

We’re always looking to help our map building community by introducing new tools and services. With this contest we’re launching a closed beta of our map making server. This will be an ever evolving experience, designed with PGM maps in mind. We plan to release new features on a regular basis with a public launch later this summer.

To request access please contact a mapdev for more information.

Visit our Mapmaker page at to learn more!


If you have any questions regarding the contest, you can message Strangey on Discord (Strangey#5777).