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Senior and Junior Moderators

By Brottweiler - Sep 24, 2021

Senior Moderators

Recently, we introduced the new Senior Moderator rank. You might remember it from Overcast Network, and it has a similar purpose here.

It's a special moderator rank that have some additional tasks and duties. Senior moderators will handle appeals and make sure reports are handled. They will also help out with promoting new moderators as well as assisting mods in general.

The senior moderators are Noel, wylt and Deoz. They have years of experience from moderating servers, and we think they are perfect candidates for this rank.

Junior Moderators

Also making a return is the Junior Moderator rank! The purpose of a junior moderator is to help new moderators get familiar with their new role. We hope this will help the community get to know our latest mods in a more clear manner.

You can recognize them by their pink staff flair or checking our staff lineup at