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More admins!

By Brottweiler - Mar 11, 2022

Strangey, Campeh and Siceth have been promoted to administrator. We hope this will improve the efficiency and communication within the staff and the community.

Indicado will be incorporated into top level discussions with the admins as Head of Bolt.


The Strange Boy has been around for a long time. In early 2015, he became a junior moderator on Overcast Network, as well as a map developer. After OCN closed, Strangey became a staff member again on OCC in 2020.

From moderator, to map developer, to running events, Strangey has collected his fair share of staff ranks over the years, and today we welcome him to the Admin team!

Strangey will not only take the role as head of map development, but also be a responsible connection between OCC and the community.


Campeh has been a leading role in the PGM events scene. Since the closing of Overcast Network, Campeh has been running his own tournaments with great success.

Shortly after Overcast Community opened, we incorporated Campeh's events under the umbrella, called Overcast Events. We hope Campeh, as an admin, will be able to manage events even smoother.


Siceth has been around the community for quite some time, and was brought in as an advisor for the staff. With his excellent background, he has been giving valuable thoughts and ideas for the staff team.

We think adding Siceth to the admin team will make OCC have a better idea on how to move forward as a server and network.