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New Senior Moderators, and a goodbye

By Brottweiler - Apr 22, 2022

Today, we are announcing new senior moderators. But first...

A goodbye

Deoz has been a staff member since Overcast Network and joined us as a moderator on OCC, and later as a Senior Moderator. Deoz has done a lot of the heavy work especially when it comes to handling appeals. Today, as personal life gets in the way, he is retiring from his staff roles. We thank him for all his contributions over the years, and wish him well going forward.

New seniors

Since Deoz is retiring, we have been looking for assistance in the Senior Moderator department. Senior moderators need to be able to handle confidential information, make firm but fair decisions in a respectful fashion, all while staying objective and cool. They also take a more active role in helping new and old moderators how to handle certain situations, as well as creating resources for how moderation can be more efficient. Senior Moderators also handle picking out new junior moderators from our list of candidates, contacting them and promoting them.

We had several considerations of the staff, and have decided to invite Kiyara and EgoPlaZa to be our new Senior Moderator staff. Kiyara has a long experience being a staff member and EgoPlaZa will help us with our Spanish appeals. We think these both of them fit well in the position and we hope we will become even more efficient.