Mapmaker Learn how to use our mapmaking server

Creating a map

To get started, use the /new command. This will create a new map and teleport you to it. You can view a list of public maps with /maps.

Note Currently, users are allowed an unlimited number of maps. We may restrict this in the future.


We have an extensive permission system in place to ensure your maps stay protected. There are three permission levels:


Visit invited or public maps (no interaction)


Build and use basic utility commands


Adjust map settings, set other user permissions, and use WorldEdit.


By default your new map will be private, so only you can enter. However, if you would like to invite players to view your map use /privacy to toggle the map between private and public. When your map is set to PRIVATE only invited players, contributors, and authors are allowed to enter. You can manage individual players by using /invite [username], /uninvite [username], and /invites to view a list of invited players.

Maps with a PUBLIC privacy level can be visited by anyone. Visiting players will be unable to interact with your map.


WorldEdit is provided for players who have author permissions for a map. At the moment, we're very generous with WorldEdit permissions, by using MapMaker we hope that no commands are abused/used to an extreme level. Access will be revoked if this privilege is misused.

If you're unfamiliar with WorldEdit, please consult a Map Developer for assistance.

New Arceon

Arceon is an add-on plugin to WorldEdit which introduces several powerful tools. These tools have been made available for all map authors. Learn how to use these commands over at Arceon's wiki.

Coming Soon

The following features will be added soon

  • XML tools: A set of tools which will directly help with creating PGM XML


Below is a general list of commands available for use. Some commands require additional permissions (author/contributor).

Command Description
/new Create a new map
/map View info related to the map (name, authors, description)
/maps View a list of all maps you have access to
/maptp [map name] Teleport to a map with the given name (permission required)
/g [message] Send a global message
/spawn Teleport to the map spawnpoint
/lobbyspawn Teleport to the mapmaker lobby
/tp [name] Teleport to another player
/tools Reset your inventory with the default tool layout
/skull [name] Spawn a player skull
/armorcolor Easily create colored leather armor
/banner Create banner designs using an interactive GUI
/secretblocks Use blocks normally not accessible by creative mode
/i [item] [amount] Spawn in an item, use item ID or name
/astools Access armorstand tools
/add [name] [contributor|author] Add building permission for another player. (Player must be online)
/remove [name] [contributor|author] Remove building permission for another player. (Player must be online)
/invite [name] Send an invite to another player
/uninvite [name] Revoke an another player's invite
/invites View a list of all invited players
/privacy Toggle map privacy between PUBLIC and PRIVATE
/setname [name] Set the name of the map
/setdescription [description] Set the map description
/setversion [version] Set the version of your map
/setgamemode Opens a GUI to select the gamemode
/download Generate a download link for your map (active for 5 mins)