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Once Upon a Time in Overcast, Badlion Anticheat (BAC), private servers and more!

By Head of Events Staff - Aug 02, 2020

Once Upon a Time in Overcast Banner

After a lot of planning, thinking, fixing and testing, we are more than excited to announce the first official Overcast Community tournament: Once Upon a Time in Overcast! It will be an 8 vs 8 tournament, featuring different gamemodes such as Capture the Wool, Destroy the Core, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. For more information, read on!


  • The tournament format will be announced once we know the exact number of teams playing.

  • It will feature 3 different game modes: Capture the Wool, Destroy the Monument and Conquest. The first two will be 8v8, and the latter 7v7.

  • We'll accept a maximum of 16 players and a minimum of 10 players per team. We will also be making wildcard teams, which are balanced teams made with players who complete a solo registration.

  • We are recruiting people for our staff team. If you want to be part of the team and help us out with the tournament, please fill the form below.

    Note: The Staff on the event running department can't play the tournament.

  • We will be using Discord for the tournament. Use this link to join, and once the registration closes we will be giving ranks to players and team leaders. You are required to use Discord for the tournament.


  • Team registrations ends: August 18th at 23:59 GMT-3
  • Private servers release and wildcard registrations end: August 19th
  • Final format and bracket released: August 19th
  • Groups stage: August 22nd & 23rd
  • Invitationals: August 29th & 30th


To register your team, you must do the following:

  1. Join and link your Minecraft account with Discord using /discord link. Those who want to change their linked Minecraft/Discord account can use /discord unlink.
  2. Once linked, you will have access to the #tournament-info and #tournament-lobby channels. Team leaders must use !register and follow the instructions to create a team.
  3. A secret password will be provided to the leader, which needs to be shared with the team members.
  4. Other team members must use the !register command in the #tournament-lobby channel and follow the instructions to enter the team.

Additionally, we will have Wildcard teams! To inscribe yourself as a Wildcard player, please use the Wildcard form below.

To inscribe yourself as a Wildcard player, please complete this form.

Maps, game modes & veto system

  • The map pool is yet to be confirmed, but the idea is to create a map pool with nostalgic maps. The map pool will be confirmed ~1 week before the tournament starts. Once the registration ends, we will be giving practice servers to every team registered, with the complete map pool and basic permissions for practice.
  • The provisional map pool will be posted in #map-pool along with meta changes that we’ve made this last few days.
  • The final veto system will be released alongside the final format.

Staff applications

We are opening applications to several positions in our staff, such as:

  • Refs
  • Streamers
  • Scrim host
  • Gameplay (gameplay and meta related decisions)

Please complete this form and we will review your application shortly. If you think you can help us in any other way, please let us know by selecting the “other” option.

Servers and scrims

  • We will be having private servers for every team! Each team will receive a server to practice for the tournament, which can be started by any team member through the team's private discord channel. Only the team members will have permissions in-game. AFK players will be kicked after 10 minutes, and any server empty for more than 10 minutes will shut down automatically. Please note that the practice servers will have a player cap of 12 and is intended for strating, practicing defenses, cannons, etc.
  • To scrimm with other teams, more powerful practice servers will be provided. Scrim hosts and team leaders can start them from the appropriate Discord channel and have basic permissions. You will be allowed to upgrade your team server to one of these too, more information about this below.
  • Minecraft-Discord integration: In order to have access to their team's voice and text channels, players should link their Minecraft account to discord, using /discord link in-game. Once they do it, the role of the team they have registered with will be given automatically.

Prize pool, passes and server upgrades

This is not final and it's subject to change

  • The team leader of the winning team will receive a private server for a month. They will have full permissions in-game.
  • A tournament winner rank both in-game and in the Discord server, with donor perks.
  • We will include season passes and server upgrades soon, which would help to set a prize pool if there are enough donations. Keep an eye on #announcements for more information!

Rules and Anticheat

Overcast Community rules will apply, and will be updated soon to include a tournament section that will apply immediately.

Last but not least, we want to announce a partnership with the Badlion Client. The anticheat is now live on, and Overcast Community should be shown on the BAC server list soon. Its use will be mandatory to all players during the tournament. If you have any technical impediment and it's impossible for you to run it, please fill out this form.

Good luck and have fun!