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Moderator Applications

By Brottweiler - Jul 04, 2022

Finally, a way for You to apply!

Why? has a long history of finding and hand picking our staff from the community, and that is not changing! People have always been able to send in their interest to us, but it was not clear or advertised. This does result in lack of moderators certain times of the day, which is why we decided to open up an official way for people to send in their applications.


Just visit and answer the questions. There are several questions, and some are optional. Answering the optional questions does however increase your chances of getting contacted.

Then what?

If the Senior Moderators decide your application is of high enough quality, they will use that as a base when presenting new moderator candidates to the rest of the Moderator team. The Moderator team will then have a discussion about these candidates and might even add in their own suggestions. Then the approved candidates will be contacted to join the team as Junior Moderators.

We will occasionally ping the community if we are looking for new Moderators, but you will be able to send in your application whenever you want. We just expect to get way more applications when we ping the community about it. The Senior Mods will regularly check for new applications.

Please note that sending in an application does not guarantee a response. If you do not get a response, your application might not have been considered, or it has been considered for a future batch.